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In agreement with the other Urbadoc partners, the IUAV University of Venice provides a document supply service, where it is possible to request copies of journal articles.

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BIBLIODATA initially conceived and produced by the Documentation Center of the OIKOS Consortium from 1989 until 1999, was subsequently acquired by the Iuav University of Venice, which continues its updating. The data base contains more than 54,000 references to articles taken from about 70 journals, starting in 1989, on architecture, spatial planning and the environment, architectural restoration, urban planning, construction, design, construction technology, art. The counting is carried out according to international and national standards (ISBD / CP and RICA) for the bibliographic description, accompanied by semantic cataloging by subject, subject place (which identifies the building), key words.

The magazines that are currently being reviewed can be viewed at the following address:

Bibliodata mainly covers the following subjects:

    environment and territory,
    urban studies,
    building and urban renovation and renovation,
    architectural technology,
    aspects of the building process,

DOCET. Specialized press review for construction operators. Active since April 1991, DOC.E.T. (DOCumentazione Technical publishing for buildings) is a documentation service designed and implemented by QUASCO, now by ERVET.

The documentary base consists of approx. 100 Italian and foreign magazines, regularly acquired by Emeroteca QUASCO.

The counting of the periodicals produces a selection of articles, for each of which the report form containing the essential bibliographical references and a summary of the topics dealt with are drawn up. The cards feed the database of over 22,000 documents.

DOCET mainly deals with the following subjects:

     site organization,

CNBA is the result of a retrospective examination carried out in a participatory form by many CNBA member libraries: over 33,000 references to articles taken from more than 30 magazines published since the late nineteenth century, on architecture, urban planning, construction, art and design.

The magazines that are currently being reviewed can be viewed at the following address:


Exhaustive review of the magazine «Urbanistica», produced by the Department of Urban Planning and Territorial Planning of the University of Florence (from 1949 to 1995) and continued by the IUAV University of Venice. It can be consulted in the CNBA database.

The magazine is available at most of the libraries of the Italian faculties of architecture, and at the headquarters of the magazine, in Rome. If free of copyright, the full text of the articles can be accessed online at the Iuav University of Venice


Complete examination of the magazine of the same name from 1985 and of the magazine Restauro from 1972 for a total of 751 references, edited by CIRCA - Interdepartmental Center for Conservation Conservation of Architecture of the Iuav University of Venice. The center was suppressed, the counting was continued by the IUAV University of Venice and the database absorbed by BIBLIODATA.


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